Annual Exhibitions

West Bay Exhibition
The West Bay exhibition was held for the first time over Easter 2008 and has proved extremely popular with tourists as well as locals every year since. All members are invited to enter works for the Exhibition and all works submitted are exhibited, assuming they meet the Exhibition rules. The Exhibition is open to the public and the great majority of members' work is for sale.  

Key dates for the Easter 2018 exhibition are:
Entry Form to Elaine Butcher by
Handing in
Tuesday 13 March
Thursday 29 March
Friday 30 March - Tuesday 3 April
Tuesday 3 April

12.00 pm - 1.00pm
10am - 5pm
5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
The Easter 2018 West Bay Entry Forms and Rules and Procedures can be seen by downloading, saving and viewing/printing by clicking here - Entry Form / Rules

Annual Exhibition
The Annual Exhibition of members' work is held each year in the Allsop Gallery in the Bridport Arts Centre during July/August.  From small beginnings in 1957 the exhibition has grown substantially and nowadays features well over 250 artworks.  A wide variety of media and techniques are on show.    

The Allsop Gallery is a spacious and airy room with wonderful natural light and is one of the best exhibiting spaces in this part of the country. All members are invited to enter works for the exhibition. All works submitted are exhibited, provided they meet the exhibition rules. The exhibition is open to the public from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily. The great majority of members' work is for sale and the event has proved to be very popular with local people and tourists alike. Ten awards are presented to the best artworks in various categories; the public are invited to vote for their favourite exhibit and the winning artist is presented with the Batten Cup.  Winners for 2017 are listed below.

Key dates for the 61st exhibition in 2018   

Entry Form to Elaine Butcher

Handing in

Private Viewing

Public Viewing



Tuesday 3 July

Sunday 22 July

Tuesday 24 July

Wednesday 25 July to Saturday 4 August

Sunday 5 August



12.00 - 1.30pm

7pm - 9pm (by invitation)

10am - 4 pm
(7.30pm Thursdays)

12.30 - 1.30 pm


The Annual Exhibition Entry Form and Rules and Procedures can be seen by be downloading, saving and viewing/printing by clicking here - Entry Form/ Rules. The 2018 form and rules will be available in April.

 Please note: Allsop Gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.


Categories and Award Winners at the 2017 Annual Exhibition were as follows:

Keith Cast Cup for Best Oil Painting
Holloway Cup for Best Watercolour
Al Watkin Cup for Best Acrylic
Mary Johnson Award for Best Pastel
Michael Chappell Award for Best Mixed Media
Kathleen Quick Award for Work in Any Other Medium
Greyhound Trophy for Best Seascape
Pat Bayliff Award for Animals
Groves Rosebowl for Flowers

Sally Roper Award

Batten Cup for Most Popular Painting (Public votes)

Kathy Scott
Rolf Zink
Jacqueline Walker
Jan Summerton
John walker
Catherine Gundry
Pippa Harvey-Tkachuk
Jan Stroud
Aileen Maitland

Jacqueline Walker

1st Keith Groves  for    'Dusk in March ' exhibit No 4

2nd Kathy Hallsworth for 'Indelible Coast'

3rd  Jan Strode for 'Blue




Instructions for hung works - these must be safe, secure and taut.  Pictures must have D-rings and proper hanging cord (not wire), the backs should be properly taped and fittings on photo frames removed.  The D-rings should be about a third of the way down the frame so that the picture hooks we use on the exhibition screens don't show in hanging. See below  :

                                       D-rings and properly taped picture                                                                             



Modification to photo frame 



Exhibition Enquiries
Please address any exhibition enquiries to Clive Baynes/Keith Groves, Exhibition Organisers, on 01308 422822/01460 241593 respectively or email and