Members Portfolio

This section has photographs of members' paintings, including various category winners at the last Annual Exhibition in Bridport Arts Centre.

Annual Exhibition 2017

The awards at the 2017 Annual Exhibition were as follows:

Keith Cast Cup for Best Oil Painting
Holloway Cup for Best Watercolour
Al Watkin Cup for Best Acrylic
Mary Johnson Award for Best Pastel
Michael Chappell Award for Best Mixed Media
Kathleen Quick Award for Any Other Media
Greyhound Trophy for Best Seascape
Pat Bayliff Award for Best Animal
Groves Rose Bowl for Best Flowers

Sally Roper Award (Chosen by the president)

Batten Cup Most Popular Picture (Public votes)


Kathy Scott
Rolf Zink
Jacqueline Walker
Jan Summerton
John Walker
Catherine Gundry
Pipa Harvey-Tkachuk
jan Stoud
Ailee Maitland

Jacqueline Walker

 Keith Groves









 Winners of the 2017 Annual Exhibition.

 Katy Scott- 'Sandy Path'



Rolf Zink  ' Bad Hair Day'


Jacqueline Walker  'Drying The Nets'


 Jan Summerton   'Pea's No 2'


 John Walker  'On The Med'

on the med 

Catherine Gundry  'Pebble Dash'


Pippa Harvey- Tkachuk  ' Foaming Sea'


Jan Stroud  'Joe Crow'


 Aileen Maitland  'Dandelions'


Jacqueline Walker  'Honky Tonk Blues'


Batton Cup  Winner (public vote)

 Keith Groves   'Dusk In March'




Winners of  2016 


 Jackie Walker - 'Clouds Over Colmer' 



Jenny Cuthbert - 'Summer Morning'


Clive Baynes - 'Paul'


 Olga Smith - 'Blue Hour'


 Olga Soyer-Batini - 'Jurassic Coast - Golden Cap'


 Ros Hipkiss - 'On Stone Barrow'


 Rolf Zink - 'Lone Bantum'



Ann Cater - 'Sunflowers in Blue Pot' 


 Nicola Dennis - 'Freedom'