Society Meetings and Art Demonstrations

Evening Meetings

The Society's Programme Year runs from April to March. It presents a series of eight evening meetings during the year in which artists (national as well as local) present and demonstrate a particular style of art and techniques that they employ. These are selected to provide a wide spectrum of artistic media and to cover members' broad interests. Meetings are informal and include a mid-meeting comfort break when members can talk to the artist and have a chat with other members over refreshments. The artists presenting usually expect, and receive, considerable interaction with members during the demonstration! The artists often bring along examples of their work and related material such as books, cards and DVDs for sale.

There are also occasional sales and auctions of members' art materials at meetings.  

Visitors and guests are welcome -  the entry fee is £3.00.

The January meeting is usually given over to an informal and constructive appraisal by a local artist of standing of members' work taken in to the meeting.

The Venue 

Meetings are held in the Bridport Town Hall. Access to the main hall is via the stairs next to Frampton's in East Street. For those who need it, there is a lift which is accessed through the tourist information centre (TIC) in Bucky Doo Square; we have someone in the TIC until 7.30pm on meeting days.  

Dates and times 

Meetings are usually held April and May, September to November and January to March on the fourth Thursday of the month, commencing at 7.30 pm and finishing around 9.30 pm, with a break around 8.30 pm. 


Programme 2019 - 2020

Thursday 25 April 2019 7.30pm

Ray Balkwill - Painting en plein air - presentation introducing "en plein air" workshop

 Thursday 23 May 2019 7.30pm

 Jenny Cuthbert - Print-making - explore print-making without a press

 Thursday 26 September 2019 7.30pm

 Mike Wiildridge - Towards Abstraction - Mixed media 

 Thursday 24 October 2019  7.30pm

 Penny Wilton - Fun with textures - Acrylics with texture

 Thursday 28 November 2019 7.30pm

 Eva Boston - Plants - Watercolour

 Thursday 30 January 2020 7.30pm

Appraisal of members' work - Roger Clemens 

 Thursday 27 February 2020 7.30pm

 John Meaker - Portraits - Oils, charcoal and charcoal dust

Thursday 26 March 2020 7.30pm 

 AGM and competition for the Marlow prize - subject "Flotsam and Jetsam"

Thursday 23 April 2020 7.30pm

 Hannah Twine - Animal Portraits - polychrome pencil and pastel


Annual General Meeting

The Society's financial reporting year runs from January to December, with the Annual General Meeting being held in March. The formal business of the AGM is combined with a social gathering. The Chairman's annual report and the audited financial accounts are presented, and the officers and committee for the coming year are appointed.   All members are invited to attend the AGM and have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with the committee.

A competition for the John Marlow Memorial Prize is held: members are invited to take to the AGM a work of art on a pre-defined subject and submissions are judged by a local artist.  For the March 2019 AGM the subject was 'Jurassic Coast'. 

Winners of The John Marlow Memorial Prize 2019

The judge was Chris Neaves

1st prize: Ruta Skrinskiene - Jurassic Coast Blue - oil

2nd prize: Eileen Dearden -  Cliff at Burton - pen and wash

3rd prize: Ros Hipkiss -  Lyme at Low Tide - oil

The subject for  the John Marlow Memorial prize 2020 - "Flotsam and Jetsam"

Programme officers

Ros Hipkiss and Val Ravenhill