Workshops and Other Events

For some years now a popular series of workshops has been held each year, organised by several members of the committee. Each workshop is tutored by an artist of local or national standing. Subjects cover a wide spectrum of painting media and techniques. Workshops are held in either Loders or Salwayash village hall, a few miles (around 10 mins) from Bridport. They usually commence at 10 am and finish at 3.30/4 pm and are limited to 16 members. If insufficient members apply for a workshop, non-members may attend. Members usually need to take their own art materials. They will be advised what to take to a particular workshop by the organiser. The cost per workshop is £25 (£30 for non-members). Workshops with nationally known tutors or a life model for instance cost more. The programme for 2016-17 is as follows.

 Workshop Programme 2016/17

 Friday 8 April 2016                   - Watercolour with Jake Winkle

Thursday 12 May 2016             - Pastel on Velour with Julie Longdon

Thursday 9 June 2016             - Pastels with Lynda Kettle

Friday 8 July 2016                    - Knife Painting with Jo Hamilton

Thursday 22 September 2016 - Pencils with Dee Cowell

Tuesday 11 October 2016        - Autumn Trip to Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Thursday 10 November 2016  - Pastel, Charcoal and Watercolour with Caroline Ireland

Friday 3 March 2017                -  Life Drawing with Roger Clemens

Thursday 6 April 2017             -  Flowers in Tissue and Collage with Sue Barnes

Thursday 4 May 2017               -  Awash with Colour (watercolours) with Roger Clemens

 Thursday 1 June 2017               -  Abstract Painting with Gerry Dudgeon